Sourcing Hackathon 1 – 05

I bumped into a guy from Toulon on Stack Overflow talking about the new .net core framework, really cool dude, likes music and he told me he was teaching in a school in his free time but I can’t remember which one…

Can you remind me?

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Try googling “ users .net core framework France”. The first search result is a Stack Overflow profile of “kall2sollies”. If you go to his profile, you will see that he has actually listed music and photography as a hobby and he’s got long hair. Go to his developer story page, scroll down to the first note: Freelance teacher at ISEN Engineer school. Good job!

You can also find his LinkedIn page, where he has mentioned about teaching at ISEN Engineering School. To do that, first of all, find his real name by googling his nickname “kall2sollies”. You will find his Flickr page with his real name in the search output. After that, finding him on LinkedIn is a piece of cake!

Correct answer: ISEN / L’ISEN.

But the password that will work will for this level is: ISEN

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