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General Questions

Sure! Games I created are open for everybody.
Some levels require to login and some doesn’t require any registration at all.

There are no limits to the number of games you may play on Sourcing.Games. Some levels require you to login and some do not require any registration at all.

Once you’re inside the game, you can press the huge ‘Start Game’ button to start.

Yes you can, but not from me ? Try to contact other sourcers and cooperate.

It is easy to sign up, simply visit the registration page, and follow the prompts.

Yes. sign up is absolutely free.


If you are having problems logging in/registering through the our website, please make sure to:
– Update your browser application to the current version.
– Clear your browser’s cache.
– Reboot your device.

After you try one or more of these solutions, try logging in or registering again. If you still facing a problem, please contact me.

After successfully signing up, you’ll want to check your registration email for the activation link provided in a Welcome email. If you created an account some time ago, the link may not work. You can request a new link while you’re logged in to your unactivated account or ask Customer Support for assistance (Well it’s only me, but Customer Support looks better in the text) ?

Error / Bugs
If you are stuck, that’s life. But don’t ask me for any hints, tips or directions. You can start learning something new on http://recruitment.camp/. Or you can buy book Full Stack Recruiter.

Are you sure? ? All levels have a solution, but some levels could be broken. But before you contact me, try to find the solution. If you really think that level is not working, let me know.

Sorry to hear that, but that could happen. Some levels could be broken because a 3rd party has changed something or there is an update on the targeted website, in this case please contact me and I will try to remove or replace that level.


Don’t worry, he/she is playing these games too. Plus these games will improve your skills and you will learn something new. Having fun and learning is the best way to be better in your work.

If you created some levels that you would like to add, feel free to contact me and I will gladly add them here.

Everything always starts with the idea, so feel free to contact me and I will help you to turn this idea into reality.

You really need that? I believe you don’t need any paper as proof that you know something.

You want to support the site? Well there are many options to do that. Buy me a coffee when you see me :), help me to create more games for others, create and share some material for www.recruitment.camp. And if you would like to donate money towards the server, domain etc, I will send you my Paypal account :).

Looking for hints? CHECK this NEW BOOK!