Game 4

Try and fail, but never fail to try.

This game is not easy as it looks initially, prepare yourself for dozens of minutes of frustration and happiness after finally solving each level.

This game is for advanced sourcers and you will need to use your brain and sharpen your sourcing skills to finish it.

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Don’t contact me for any hints or to let me know that this first level is not working. Just be a sourcer! 🙂
Ekin Bayildiran helped me to create this game, so now you know who you need to reach for hints if you need them (not me but Ekin), but he won’t share any, sorry. 😉
All levels have a solution and you will get the hints on every page.
Just have fun!


You are playing this game at your own risk and the author is not liable or responsible for any sourcing madness caused by this game. 🙂

Looking for hints? CHECK this NEW BOOK!