Sourcing Games for an Interview

Add Gamification Elements to your interview process.

Gamification is an innovative approach to engaging the right talent, and it works by encouraging these talents to engage in game-like behaviors and situations in non-game applications and scenarios. It will keep people (candidates) more engaged and make the whole recruitment process more fun, interesting, and creative.

Sourcing.Games adds fun to your recruitment process, and the games are an easy way to test sourcing techniques of your candidates. The selection process will be less stressful for them, and it also can encourage a competitive attitude between applicants.

Customized solution

A customized solution modeled on your company’s processes and tailored for your department, industry, role or specific need.

Cross-platfom Games

Our games are cross-platform and tailor-made to your requirements. You told us how complicated they need to be and how many levels they need to have.

Add your game

Add your sourcing games and start attracting sourcers to your team and to your company.

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